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Easy 3-Step Application Process


Intake Form

Fill out the online intake form to get connected to a doctor. Our service is HIPAA-compliant, so all personal and medical information is completely confidential between you and your doctor. You will NOT be charged if the doctor believes you do not qualify for a medical card.


Talk to a Doctor

The next step is to visit with a doctor visit using any video-capable device from the comfort of your home. Our doctors will work with you to create a treatment plan and provide you with all the documentation necessary to get your medical card in the State of Maine.


Register With the State

Once you have been certified by one of our doctors, you will be able to download your certification immediately and use it at a dispensary. The physical copy will be mailed to you within a week. You are also allowed to grow 3 plants.

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Maine Medical Marijuana
Qualifying Conditions

There are no specific qualifying conditions for Maine's Medical Marijuana Program. If a medical professional thinks a Medical Marijuana Treatment Program will benefit the patient’s condition, the medical professional can certify the patient for Medical Marijuana.


Not Sure If You Qualify?